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Libros de Elisabetta Gnone (2 libros)

Fairy Oak 2. El Encanto de la Oscuridad

Libro Fairy Oak 2. El Encanto de la Oscuridad

The second and exciting episode of the trilogy. An unbreakable love, a terrible secret and a single possible salvation... The enemy besieges Fairy Oak and his power grows stronger every day. The old alliance between Light and Darkness weakens. However, a bond seems indissoluble, the one that unites Vanilla and Periwinkle, the twin witches, equal and opposite, Light and Dark of the same blood. On that lasso, the enemy will drop his axe. Will Periwinkle be able to resist the allure of Darkness? On it depends the salvation of magicians and sinmagicians.

Fairy Oak 1. El Secreto de Las Gemelas

Libro Fairy Oak 1. El Secreto de Las Gemelas

Fairy Oak is a magical and ancient town, hidden in the folds of an immortal time. To find it, you would have to travel through plateaus and thickets, green flowery valleys and ocean bays. The town is inhabited by magical creatures and beings without powers, but it is difficult to distinguish one from the other, since wizards, witches and ordinary citizens have lived in their stone houses for so long that no one pays attention to their reciprocal oddities and they all look a bit alike. Except for fairies, which are very small and bright, and... they fly. This story, told by one of them, tells...