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Cuevas de murciélagos (Inside Bat Caves)

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro Cuevas de murciélagos (Inside Bat Caves)

When people go to sleep, bats are just waking up. While young readers may recognize the image of bats in the night skies, where they live may be less familiar. This title takes readers inside bat roosts to uncover the fascinating facts about this creature. Readers will learn the basics of bat roosts—in caves and beyond—and how they help bats survive in the wild. The text also looks at bat’s appearance, behavior, and the crucial role they play in nature’s ecosystems—topics covered in most elementary science curricula. Diagrams, fact boxes, colorful images encourage learning.

Información del Libro

Número de páginas 24


  • Rosemary Jennings


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