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Libro Trabajadores

Familiarize beginning readers with the different jobs of community workers. Featuring basic concepts, easy-to-read informational text, and engaging photographs this Spanish-translated nonfiction title is sure to create an exciting learning adventure.

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Chicas y chicos malos del mundo antiguo

Libro Chicas y chicos malos del mundo antiguo

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Introduce readers to some of the most well-known criminals and tyrants of the past with this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction book! Featuring intriguing facts and theories, colorful images, and informational text in conjunction with a glossary of terms, a bibliography, and a list of helpful websites with more information, readers will want to learn all they can about ancient history and the bad guys and gals from the past.

Los tres cochinitos (The Three Little Pigs) (Spanish Version)

Libro Los tres cochinitos (The Three Little Pigs) (Spanish Version)

Act out the tale of three little pigs who each make their own house. One house is made of straw, another is made of sticks, and the last is made of bricks. Their homes are threatened when a wolf moves nearby and hopes to blow down their houses and eat the pigs! Found out what house will be safe and sturdy! This charming, Spanish-translated script includes six roles that are written at varying reading levels, supporting differentiation and English language learner strategies. Teachers can implement specific strategies to assign roles to students based on their individual reading levels. This...

Siempre crece: La fruta (Always Growing: Fruit)

Libro Siempre crece: La fruta (Always Growing: Fruit)

Featuring Time For Kids content, Siempre crece: La fruta (Always Growing: Fruit) will engage students in learning. Discover what happens when an apple seed is planted in the ground. Based on NGSS standards, this Spanish book teaches children about growth, and encourages young learners to use their own words to describe what is happening in the pictures.

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Próxima parada: Canadá

Libro Próxima parada: Canadá

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Welcome to Canada! From its majestic mountains to its exciting sports, readers are invited to explore what makes Canada so special in this exciting, Spanish-translated nonfiction title! With informational text, fresh vocabulary, and engaging maps, readers will be engaged from beginning to end.

Benjamin Franklin 6-Pack

Libro Benjamin Franklin 6-Pack

Many people know that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity through lightning, but he was also a great inventor and helped write the Declaration of Independence! Young readers will learn about Franklin's life in this appealing biography that has been translated into Spanish and features plenty of vibrant images, supportive text, "Fun Fact" boxes, and an accommodating timeline, glossary, and index. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

La luz y sus efectos (Light and Its Effects)

Libro La luz y sus efectos (Light and Its Effects)

Light can travel faster than anything else in the universe. But what exactly is light, and where does it come from? This nonfiction Spanish book teaches students all about light, and introduces them to important scientific concepts and vocabulary terms like infrared, ultraviolet, photos, and visible spectrum. The intriguing images, detailed diagrams, and stimulating sidebars will keep students connected to the text. The fun lab activity provides a real-world learning experience that supports STEM instruction. Aligned to state and national standards, the leveled text supports differentiation....

Los gatos

Libro Los gatos

Readers learn the basics of caring for common household pets, from physical features, to behavior, to diet. Also explored is how the animal's natural habitat differs from the habitat provided in the home.

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